Animal Friendly Housing and The Humane Society of the United States have teamed up on a website that lists apartments that accommodate animals. You can access the site by clicking here.

In addition, visit RentWithPets. They have a helpful guide called, "13 Steps to Finding Pet-friendly Rental Housing."

Here are some tips for a successful search for a new home that will accept companion animals:

**Allow lots of time**

Bringing along your animal involves extra considerations. Finding pet-friendly housing will probably take some extra time—plan for six months at the outside!

**No Pets means it**

If an apartment community has a no-pets policy, there's a reason for it. Why bother arguing? Concentrate on places that welcome pets.

**Go in well-armed**

Bring references, vet records, even a resume for you animal(s)—it shows you're diligent and trustworthy.

**Tell the truth**

Don't try to sneak Winchester in. It's trouble for you, trouble for Winchester and may even be illegal.

**Get it in writing**

A verbal okay is never good enough. If a landlord agrees to forego a no-pets clause, get it in writing.

Also try:

Animal Protection League of New Jersey