Pat Summers – APLNJ’s Blogger Profile

Two things – reading Peter Singer’s Animal Liberation and finding what is now APLNJ — were catalysts for her ever-increasing involvement in animal causes, Pat Summers says. Her professional experience includes teaching (and two grad degrees), management in state government and (always!) freelance writing.

She has taught communications, literature and journalism at the college and secondary school levels, advised prize-winning student publications and won feature-writing prizes. Besides education-related writing for professional journals, she has also written extensively for the Philadelphia Inquirer, the (then) Atlantic City Press, the Times of Trenton, US 1 newspaper, the Princeton Packet, Art Matters, New Jersey Newsroom (online) and two blogs (one for the Star-Ledger), as well as various magazines including NJ Monthly, Sculpture and Animal Sheltering. 

In short, Summers writes, and that also includes patches of poetry. Beyond writing, she reads – no big surprise there – and edits manuscript of admired others. Gardening’s in there too (key crops = catnip and cat grass). Her favorite exercise is swimming; off-season, she cycles and walks.

She and her husband, Joe, delighted in three (sequential) cocker spaniels before welcoming cats into their life. Harry (an “opinionated” long-haired orange tabby rescue) and Billy (a sweet tux) forever fascinate them. (One person in the marriage seriously aspires to become a crazy cat lady.) In addition to anything APLNJ, including its blog, she works w/ a few animal rescue groups and volunteers weekly at an animal shelter.