Project 99 was created to represent the 99.1% New Jersey’s non-hunting population, of which a huge majority supports nonlethal wildlife management and peaceful solutions to human/wildlife issues in New Jersey.

According to the US Census Bureau, the population estimate for New Jersey in 2006 was 8,724,560. In 2006, according to figures provided by New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife (DFW), there were 80,246 (latest figures available) hunters in NJ. This translates to 0.9% of the population that hunts and 99.1% of the population of New Jersey that does not hunt.

It’s mainstream to be pro-wildlife, so it’s no coincidence that most people do not hunt. Many consider hunting a violent, dangerous and cruel activity. It destroys wildlife families, orphans young animals, and wounded animals are left to die slow and painful deaths. It causes friction for land owners and town managers. Hunting causes an increase in vehicle collisions and nationwide, more than 200 people die in hunting-related accidents each year, including innocent bystanders and children.

Even though the non-hunting public outnumbers the people who hunt, all wildlife decisions are made for and by hunters, a special interest minority. The 99.1% of the public that does not hunt has no representation at the state level. Project 99 knows that we can remedy this with the support of the non-hunting majority.

We welcome and encourage you to join our mission for 1) better representation for all New Jersey citizens who have an interest in wildlife issues, 2) modernization of the NJ Fish and Game Council, 3) the formation of a Wildlife Council and 4) promoting legislation that preserves wildlife and their habitat, and nurtures a peaceful and non-violent approach to wildlife management objectives.

Support Project 99 by purchasing your very own NJ Non-Hunting License and become a part of the green revolution of our parks and forests. Click here to learn more about our NJ Non-Hunting License.

Project 99 - Stop Hunting - Stop the State Sanctioned Killing of our Wildlife

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